No Cowboys Here! 19 February 2013

No Cowboys Here!

We asked our customers what they expect from us - you'll be glad to know we do all of this already! Here's a list of our service promises

MBM will respond to your call as quickly as possible - even if you leave a message, someone will call you back.  We understand that heating and plumbing emergencies need addressing straight away.

You will be given a full diagnosis of the work that needs doing, meaning no work will be carried out until you are completely happy and in agreement.

Your home is your haven so we will be polite and respectful of your personal property, limiting any mess and making sure we completely tidy up after ourselves.

You can rest assured that we will keep a record of when your boiler service is due. Your busy lifestyle can mean that these things are forgotten so we'll give you a quick call when it comes round to that time of year.

You can trust us to carry out work when you are not there. We'll always come and see you first and advise exactly what work will be done and when it will be finished.