Why are my radiators cold even when on? 19 February 2013

Why are my radiators cold even when on?

If your radiators are not steaming hot, there's lots you can do to get them working properly - at MBM Plumbing and Heating we will share tips you can carry out yourself and we're always willing to come out if you need our help

1. If the radiator is cold on top this means there is air trapped inside. You can remedy this by bleeding the radiator. If you don't know how to do this yourself, give us a bell and we can talk you through it or we'll do it for you.

2. If the radiator is cold at the bottom this means sludge or debris might have built up inside. This sludge needs to be removed and we can come out and do this for you. We will power flush the heating system for you and the radiators will be hot in no time.

3. In some cases the radiator might be completely cold even though you've turned the heating on. Do a quick check and see if any of the valves are closed.  Some radiators that have a thermostatic valve attached can be reset simply by pressing a button. We can talk you through this over the phone. For any other persistent problems, MBM Plubming and Heating will be happy to come out to you.