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One company, one call, one bill. Our engineers are fully trained and Gas Safe Registered and will soon have you up and running. There are a number of things that can cause boiler breakdowns, such as pressure issues, temperature settings, fuses, programmers and room thermostat settings or the battery could simply need replacing in your digistat controller, if you have one. Our engineers can quickly and efficiently detect the fault and let you know the solution to your issue and cost it there and then for you. There are of course more serious reasons for a boiler to breakdown, but whatever the cause of the breakdown, our engineers are trained to service and maintain all types of boilers, additionally if your boiler does require any replacement part we can source them quickly and cost effectively.

Boiler breakdowns
Nobody ever expects their boiler to breakdown. Here at MBM Plumbing and Heating we understand how stressful it can be when you have no hot water or central heating. So if your boiler does breakdown don’t worry and simply give us a call and we will do the rest. 

All gas appliances should be regularly serviced, at least once a year. In the case of a new appliance that carries a 2 year warranty, ie a Vaillant boiler, a service carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer is required to validate the second year of the guarantee.

Regular servicing helps to keep your appliance working safely and efficiently. Regular servicing should prolong the life of your appliance.

What a basic boiler service includes-

  • Visual examination of the appliance and flue to confirm that it is suitably located and installed in accordance with regulations
  • Examination and cleaning of the combustion chamber, fan and heat exchanger burner etc
  • Examination and testing of appliance, flue, safety devices, controls and components
  • Checking and adjusting burner pressure and gas rates
  • Confirming the appliance is capable of safe operation

We at MBM Plumbing and Heating also check the rest of the system for defects whilst on a service call. We bleed all the radiators of air and check that all the radiators are working correctly. Any possible defects are pointed out to the customer and possible problems addressed. Such a thorough service for your boiler ensures that your heating system will remain at its most efficient.

Regular servicing will minimise the chances of your boiler breaking down.

Efficiency and cost saving
A recent survey revealed that as few as 55% of home owners have their heating equipment professionally serviced at least once a year. As with anything, to book and pay for boiler servicing while your system appears to be working can seem like an unnecessary expense. However, an annual boiler service is the safe and cost-efficient way to run your heating system, and can have a number of helpful effects:

  • Significant increase to the life of the boiler
  • Improves efficiency of the system
  • Early diagnosis of potential problems
  • Reduces energy costs and saves on costly repairs
  • Detection of fatal carbon monoxide leaks

Those who neglect to regularly maintain boiler and central heating equipment will experience reduced efficiency and increased costs. Regular maintenance can also extend component life by as much as 30%. This translates into an additional 5-10 years usage for your gas boiler.

Preventative Maintenance
Most heating engineers will tell you about 75% of all repairs they do could have been avoided with regular maintenance. Heating system repairs typically run into hundreds of pounds, yet many people will only consider calling an engineer when the problem has developed. An annual boiler service check-up from one our trained professionals at MBM Plumbing and Heating can mean we can help you avoid an expensive repair job, as well as reducing your year round energy costs.

Safety Matters
Crucially, annual heating inspections can save your life and the lives of your of your loved ones. Small cracks in a heat exchanger or problem with the flue system could allow deadly carbon monoxide gas to seep into your home, accidental carbon monoxide poisoning causes a reported 50 deaths every year in the UK. A trained technician knows how to spot danger signs in the system.

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